Superior Outcomes with CLT Homeownership

For the second year in a row, community land trusts (CLTs) have demonstrated their resilience and stability in the midst of a turbulent housing market.  According to a recent report authored by Emily Thaden and published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, homeowners in CLTs were 10 times LESS likely to enter the foreclosure process when compared to homeowners with conventional loans.  The study also notes that the stewardship activities of community land trusts, including pre- and post-purchase homeowner education and counseling, significantly contribute to the "superior outcomes" of CLT homeownership.

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The Oakland Community Land Trust (OakCLT) was established through the joint efforts of Urban Strategies Council and our community partners. OakCLT was founded with the purpose of combating community deterioration and expanding housing and economic development opportunities for low and moderate income residents. OakCLT promotes neighborhood stability and community involvement through the provision of permanently affordable homeownership and equity-sharing options. OakCLT also supports the development of commercial and retail facilities that serve working families. We strive to foster leadership through a responsible and informed board of community members and serve as a voice for low and moderate income residents of Oakland.


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