Healthy Food

Healthy Food and CLTs

OakCLT was established as a tool to steward land and housing for the permanent benefit of the community. While the stewardship of affordable housing is the most common role that CLTs play, many also steward other beneficial community uses. OakCLT is in the midst of developing a plan to support urban agricultural and community gardening activity in Oakland.  Our primary role will be to acquire and provide secure access to land for residents and organizations looking to grow their own produce.  Recognizing that fresh food options can be scarce (and often prohibitively expensive) in East and West Oakland, active urban agriculture and community gardens can serve as a healthy and locally accessible source of vegetables and fruits for neighborhood residents.  OakCLT will support the gardening efforts of land trust homeowners, as well as residents and organizations already engaged in agricultural activities.

For now, check out the great work of our friends and allies in Oakland working on food access and justice issues:

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