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What is a Community Land Trust (CLT)?

A community land trust is a nonprofit organization that acquires and stewards land in trust for the permanent benefit of low-income communities. This community-controlled land can be put to a wide variety of uses, including homeownership, rental, and cooperative housing, food production through community gardens and urban agriculture, commercial space, and more.

Why a CLT in Oakland?

Oakland-Fremont MSA: Land v. Housing Structure Values, 1984Q4-2014Q1

Community land trusts take a much longer view of community change and development than most similarly situated organizations. Just as conservation or open space land trusts aim to preserve wilderness forever, community land trusts seek to ensure that our cities permanently support equitable housing opportunities and access to land for low-income residents.

By removing land from the market and holding it in perpetuity, a community land trust buffers its housing and other land uses from the volatility of economic crises that often disproportionately impact low-income residents. Likewise, community land trusts preserve affordability and access when rising rents and home prices in hot markets threaten the stability of vulnerable families.

In Oakland and the Bay Area, research shows that the value of land, rather than housing, is the primary driver of real estate booms and busts.

OakCLT believes in these equitable development principles:

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