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A nonprofit that holds land in trust for the permanent benefit of low-income residents.

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OakCLT stewards housing and land for perpetual community use.

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New $12M Muncipal Fund for Resident-led CLT Housing Preservation Projects

June 25, 2019
Contact: Miya Saika Chen
(510) 238-7246

City Council Passes New Budget Solution to Oakland Housing Crisis: $12 Million Municipal Fund to Preserve Permanently Affordable Housing with Community Land Trusts

New Preservation of Affordable Housing Fund (PAHF) Aims to Provide Affordable Ownership for Oakland Tenants Facing Threat of Displacement & Take Housing Off Speculative Market

Oakland, CA — On Monday, June 24, 2019, Oakland City

Why Tenants Should Be Given the First Opportunity To Purchase Their Buildings

[Note: This article originally appeared on the Shelterforce website here.]

By Zachary Murray

In late January, a standing-room only crowd gathered to celebrate a milestone that once seemed impossible. Exactly one year and five days prior to this celebration, residents and tenants of the 23rd Avenue Community Building (23rd Avenue)—a long-standing affordable, people of color led social justice center—received notice that their landlord had

OakCLT & #Liberate23rdAve Featured in Locavesting

In Oakland, Community-Owned Real Estate is Bucking Gentrification Trend  By Sarah Trent, March 12, 2018

For two decades now, the building at the corner of 23rd and International avenues in east Oakland has been a community hub for people and organizations with few other places to go.

In a neighborhood that is low-income and majority people of color—flanked to the east by the largely Latino/Hispanic