Clint Bolden
Clint BoldenOrganizational Director
Anne Griffith
Anne GriffithCommunity Director
Dee Ouellette
Dee OuelletteLessee/Resident Director
Shekinah Samaya-Thomas
Shekinah Samaya-ThomasLessee/Resident Director
Junious Williams
Junious WilliamsOrganizational Director
Sasha Werblin
Sasha WerblinCommunity Director


OakCLT’s bylaws provide for a traditional tripartite community land trust governance structure, with seats apportioned among the three categories below. The board must be comprised of at least one-third low-income residents at all times:

  • Lessee Directors: one-third CLT homeowners, renters, or other lessees of land owned by OakCLT
  • Community Directors: one-third local experts and residents of the neighborhoods served by OakCLT
  • Organizational Directors: one-third appointees from local organizations in alignment with the OakCLT mission


Alex Acuña
Alex AcuñaStewardship Coordinator
Sharayah Alexander
Sharayah AlexanderCommunity Coordinator for Eden CLT
Jen Collins
Jen CollinsOperations & Stewardship Manager
Steve King
Steve KingExecutive Director
Felix Linck-Frenz
Felix Linck-FrenzStewardship Coordinator
Merika Reagan
Merika ReaganFarm Site Coordinator


We honor the contributions of all OakCLT staff members and the leadership of all OakCLT directors.

The ongoing work of OakCLT is an extension of the organizing, labor, commitment, and decision making of the individuals listed below.

Anne Griffith
Anne GriffithExecutive Director
Teri Carlyle
Teri CarlyleAccounting Manager
Alicia Olivarez
Alicia OlivarezProgram Assistant
Cort Gross
Cort GrossConsulting Interim Executive Director
Aaron Baluyot
Aaron BaluyotProgram Manager
Zachary Murray
Zachary MurrayProgram Manager
Pam Harris
Pam HarrisFinancial Management
Justin Tombolesi
Justin TombolesiAcquisition & Resident Self-Management Coordinator
Andy Nelsen
Andy NelsenBoard Member
Beverly Williams
Beverly WilliamsBoard Member
Bertha Borrayo
Bertha BorrayoBoard Member
Margaret Gordon
Margaret GordonBoard Member
Nidia Castillo Lopez
Nidia Castillo LopezBoard Member
Jen Collins
Jen CollinsBoard Member
Maya Dillard Smith
Maya Dillard SmithBoard Member
Eugene Smith
Eugene SmithBoard Member
Steve King
Steve KingBoard Member
Nidia Pacho
Nidia Pacho Board Member
Ellen Wyrick Parkinson
Ellen Wyrick ParkinsonBoard Member